Combo-Line Bottle Unscrambler Orienters

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Pace Combo-Line systems are capable of unscrambling and orienting PET, HDPE, PP, PS, and PVC bottles including symmetrical bottles, off-center neck bottles, F-style bottles with handles, trigger spray bottles, pinch grip bottles, and symmetrical bottles with in-mold labels or embossing.

Combo unscrambler orienters are used in dozens of industries, including: personal care, ready-to-drink beverage, bottled water, automotive, laundry, household cleaning, and container decorating product categories.

The Combo-Line bottle unscrambler orienters offer maximum efficiency to improve production rates, precision in each application, versatility to accommodate growing demands across a wide range of industries, ease of use and maintenance, and more.

This linear bottle unscrambling and orienting machinery is versatile to accommodate a wide range of bottle types and sizes. Working at speeds up to 450 bpm, the Combo-Line Series can be used for small, medium, and large production requirements.

  • Floor level, low profile linear design
  • Versatile container compatibility
  • Fast, toolless changeovers
  • Flexible, efficient change parts
  • Scuff & scratch-free container handling
  • Space efficient and small footprint

Product Options

  • Camera-Based Vision System For Container Orientation Detection – Provides precise, consistent orientation for all container geometries
  • Slow Speed Discharge – Reduces bottle speed at discharge allowing customer conveyor to run at lower speeds
  • Power Ramp – Belt driven bottle stand-up system for tapered containers and high-speed operation
  • Ionized Air Rinse Station – Removes dust particles from bottles
  • Interlocked Polycarbonate Sorting Bowl Cover – Shields bottles from dust and debris
  • Down Bottle Detection & Rejection System
  • 3-Stage System For Up To 270º Orientation
  • Application Dependent Servo Bottle Orienter
  • Swing Arm Mounted HMI – Provides convenient access to controls from multiple locations around the machine
  • Larger Size Electrical Box – Stainless Steel or Painted Mild Steel
  • CE: Certification & Mark – Required in certain countries or regions
  • UL 508 Certified Panel – Certifies electrical panel meets the UL-508A safety standard and was produced by a UL Listed Panel Shop
  • Recommended Spare Parts Kit – Includes recommended inventory for wear and spare parts