Pace has over 500 Omni-Line and Combo-Line systems operating in the dairy industry around the world.

They are operated by over 350 different customers from the single largest dairy in the world in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to over 100 small family-owned dairies.

The most popular dairy unscrambler applications are cylindrical bottles, squares, and jugs with handles for fluid products. The containers our systems unscramble and/or orient include milk, flavored milks, organic milks, yogurt drinks, smoothies, laban, kefir, and juice drinks.

PET and HDPE bottles are most commonly used in sizes ranging from 8 oz (236 mL) to 1 Gallon (3.78L). Other popular sizes for fluid dairy products include 12 oz. (355 mL), 32 oz. (946 mL), and 1L (33.8 oz.)

Pace Solutions

  • Stainless steel construction – Pace Omni-Line and Combo-Line orienters and unscramblers are built to thrive in wet environments and washdown models are available
  • Simple, easy to operate, and easy to maintain design – Bottling lines and the equipment in them must run with minimal attention. Pace unscramblers and orientors are easy to set up and they require minimal operator attention during normal production.
  • Floor level, low profile linear design – Operators and maintenance personnel can easily access every key machine component from the plant floor; no elevated platforms or ladders required to access key machine components.
  • Space efficient, linear footprint – Saving space is a critical requirement in dairy plants all around the world