Conveyor Cleaners

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The process of filling and capping liquid products can be a messy business. And when spills occur or when containers are covered with sticky product, conveyors get dirty.

Pace Automatic Conveyor Cleaners are ideal for eliminating downtime related to dirty conveyors caused by product drips, spills, overfills, or splashes.

Pace Automatic Conveyor Cleaning Machines can be easily installed on an existing flat top or matt top conveyor or they can be integrated into new conveyor systems. Multiple cleaner units can be positioned on the same production line as needed.

  • Simple machine design
  • Keeps conveyor chain clean
  • Clean conveyor chain means cleaner containers
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Continuous or intermittent operation

In production, a rotating heavy-duty and premoistened scrubbing belt makes contact with the return chain conveyor. The two moving belts run in opposite directions, exerting a continuous scrubbing action on the top surface of the conveyor chain.

Cleaning solutions applied to the scrubbing belt by an optional drip unit help remove product residue from the conveyor belt before it has a chance to dry or harden. A neoprene doctor blade at the end of the scrubbing section removes excess moisture leaving the conveyor ready to cleanly transport containers down the production line.

The Pace Automatic Conveyor Cleaner leaves the conveying surface from damp to dry for ease of product handling and reduction of line maintenance problems. No compressed air is required and water consumption is between 7 – 10 gallons per hour.

Pace Automatic Conveyor Cleaner Machines are currently used in a wide variety of production lines for foods, beverages, personal care products, cleaning products, commercial chemicals, and other water-soluble products.

Conveyor Cleaners are offered in three standard models compatible with all popular conveyor widths. We also offer custom widths and lengths to accommodate specific customer requirements.