Pace has over 250 Omni-Line and Combo-Line systems operating in the automotive fluids and automotive lubricant industries around the world.

They are operated by over 100 different customers ranging from the leading global motor oil brands to single location co-packers to local and regional family businesses.

Our automotive customers require the flexibility to run multiple bottle formats on a single machine, and we have several automotive fluid customers that run over 40 different containers on the same Pace machine. That is what our customers call true flexibility!

The most popular automotive applications are rounds, squares, rectangles, long neck bottles, off-set neck trigger spray bottles, and F-style and jugs with handles. The containers our systems unscramble and/or orient include motor oils, gear oils, antifreeze, windshield washer fluids, deicers, fuel treatments, vinyl cleaners, wheel cleaners, and tire cleaners.

PET, HDPE, PP, and PVC bottles are most commonly used for automotive lubricant and automotive fluid products in sizes ranging from 1 oz (29 mL) to 4 Liters (1.06 G).

Pace Solutions

  • Simple, easy to operate, and easy to maintain design – Automotive lubricant and automotive fluid packaging lines and the equipment in them must require minimal operator attention. Pace unscramblers and orienters are easy to set up and they require minimal operator attention during normal production.
  • Stainless steel construction – designed for challenging environments – Automotive lubricants and fluid products find their way to virtually every machine in a production line. That means machines must be easy to clean regardless of the type of product that accumulates on them. Pace unscramblers and orienters are easy to clean and easy to keep clean which makes that a great choice for automotive products.