Pace has over 50 Omni-Line and Combo-Line plastic bottle unscrambling and orienting systems running in distilleries around the world.

Distilled Spirits is a relatively new but rapidly growing industry for plastic bottle unscrambling and orienting systems.

As PET bottles have become a more and more popular option in the distilled spirits industry, Pace has been there to provide proven, dependable unscrambling or orienting equipment.

They are operated by over 40 different customers ranging from the largest global brands to single location craft spirits producers.

The most popular plastic bottles for distilled spirits are PET rounds, ovals, squares, rectangles, and round or square bottles with pinch grip handles. The containers our systems unscramble and/or orient are filled with bourbons, whiskeys, ryes, vodkas, rums, gins, cordials, and a wide variety of flavored spirits.

Distilled spirits bottles unscrambled and/or oriented on Pace equipment range in size from 1 oz (29 mL) to 1.75 Liters (1.05 G), with and without handles or pinch grips.

Pace Solutions

  • Space efficient, linear footprint – Saving space is a critical requirement in distillers all around the world.
  • Stainless steel construction – designed for wet environments –Pace Omni-Line unscramblers, Omni-Line orienters, and Combo-Line unscrambler orienters are built for wet environments and washdown rated models are available.
  • Floor level, low profile linear design – Operators and maintenance personnel can easily access every key machine component from the plant floor; no elevated platforms or ladders required to access key machine components
  • Versatile container compatibility – Omni-Line unscramblers and orienters and Combo-Line unscrambler orienters can run a virtually unlimited variety of container shapes and sizes with minimal change parts. They are the system of choice for distillers that need to run multiple container sizes and shapes on a daily basis.
  • Ability to retrofit orienting capabilities in the field – Operations managers never know what new product marketing has on their drawing boards. When a Pace customer with an unscrambler suddenly needs to orient one or more new containers, they know it is easy to add orienting capabilities to their current Pace unscrambler.
  • Simple, easy to operate, and easy to maintain design – Pace bottle unscramblers and orienters are easy to set up and they require minimal operator attention during normal production.