Pace has over 700 Omni-Line and Combo-Line systems operating in ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage plants around the world.

They are operated by over 400 different customers ranging from the largest global beverage brands to single location co-packers to local and regional family businesses.

The most popular ready-to-drink beverage applications are cylindrical PET and HDPE bottles, squares rectangles, hot fill bottles, sports bottles, and jugs with handles. The containers our systems unscramble and/or orient are filled with juices, juice drinks, nectars, iced teas, iced coffees, sports drinks, energy drinks, kombuchas, and cocktail mixes.

RTD beverage bottles unscrambled and/or oriented on Pace equipment range in size ranging from 2 oz (58 mL) to 1 Gallon (3.78L). Other popular sizes for RTD beverages include 8 oz. (236 mL), 12 oz. (355 mL), 32 oz. (946 mL) and 1L (33.8 oz.).

Pace Solutions

  • Stainless steel construction – Pace Omni-Line unscramblers, Omni-Line orienters, and Combo-Line unscrambler orienters are built for wet environments, typical at beverage plants, and washdown rated models are available.
  • Versatile container compatibility – Omni-Line unscramblers and orienters and Combo-Line unscrambler orienters can run a variety of container shapes and sizes with minimal change parts, important features for beverage co-packers that need to run multiple container sizes and shapes on a daily basis.
  • Proven durability and reliability: Pace unscramblers and orienters are capable of 24 / 7 operation. That makes them a great choice for beverage plants that have to respond to seasonal order patterns.
  • Floor level, low profile linear design – Operators and maintenance personnel can easily access every key machine component from the plant floor; no elevated platforms or ladders required to access key machine components.
  • Space efficient, linear footprint – saving space is a critical requirement in RTD beverage plants all around the world.