Pharma-Line Bottle Unscrambler with Air Rinse M300

Welcome to Pace Packaging presentation of our Pharma-line Model 300 running 150cc tablet bottles at 150 bottles per minute. The Pharma-line series can accommodate a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes, from 30cc to 1000cc. The Pharma-line series can handle round, square, oval, and rectangular bottle shapes at up to 250 bottles per minute.

The elevator feeds the bottles from the hopper into the rotating disc, where they are spun by centrifugal force into neck leading and base leading positions for introduction to the infeed tooling.

The presorter displaces misaligned bottles back to the rotating disc. The infeed belt capture neck leading and base leading bottles are transferred to the hook mechanism.

Base leading bottles pass under the hook while neck leading bottles are hooked into the base leading position for inversion over the station.

Inverted bottles pass over the ionized airing station – the station consists of an ionized air knife with concurrent surrounding the vacuum. Bottles are placed in an upright position and stabilized for exit to the customers’ conveyor.

Bottles exit the unscrambler on the customers’ conveyor ready for the next process in the filling line.

The Pharma-line series of unscramblers has an impressive array of standard features, such as floor level access, stainless steel and plastic bottle contact parts, all stainless steel cabinets and frames, reinforced polyurethane belting, 5-minute no tooling changeovers, clean GMP design with easy clean ability, magnetic interlock switches and polycarbonate guarding provide a safe operation environment with visual access to the machine. Bolt up doors allow easy maintenance access to the machine.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. You can rely on Pace for your unscrambling needs.

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