Bottle Orienting Machine Solutions

Orienting bottles for proper conveying and filling, the Omni-Line orienters increase production and reduce manual operation needs. In this video, we see different types of bottles running through the BAO 5000 bottle axial orienter. Bottle orienting solutions run 20-ounce HDPE trigger bottles at high speeds.

Features on the bottle orienting machinery includes:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Linear footprint
  • Easy access to machine components
  • No platforms or ladders required

With any inquiries and to learn more about the Pace bottle orienting equipment, contact us today via our contact tab or by calling our local office.

Get ready for a new look at unscrambling and orienting machines. We're delivering new and improved solutions to streamline your bottle operations.

The BAO 5000 bottle orienting machine can be seen, in this video, running 20-ounce HDPE trigger bottles at 125 bottles per minute.