Conveyor Cleaning Systems CC-5 Conveyor Cleaner

The CC – 5 conveyor cleaner machine is shown here with additional guarding for demonstration purposes. The conveyor cleaner contacts returning conveyor and exerts a continuous scrubbing action by a moving, pre-moistened, heavy-duty belt. The clean conveying surface is left to dry for ease of product handling.

Here, we see the conveyor chain entering the conveyor cleaner and being engaged by the hold-down bracket. The hold-down bracket ensures the chain has full contact with the counter-rotating scrubbing belt. Upon exit of the conveyor cleaner, the conveyor chain is squeegeed by a spring-loaded neoprene blade prior to return to the conveyor line.

Conveyor cleaners feature heavy-duty, stainless steel construction, long life scrubbing belts, and require minimal maintenance.

Connection to the water inlet is a 1/4 inch NTT-thread and is provided with a manual shut off. The drain pan utilizes a three-quarter inch ID-hose for drainage. The drain pan is easily removed for routine maintenance and the belt tension adjustments are equally as easy to access.

These features along with ease of operation and quick insulation make the CC series of conveyor cleaners attractive solutions for reduced tension line downtime.