Combo-Line Bottle Unscrambler Orienters - Running Trigger Spray Bottles

Pace Combo-Line systems are capable of unscrambling and orienting PET, HDPE, PP, PS, and PVC bottles including symmetrical bottles, off-center neck bottles, F-style bottles with handles, trigger spray bottles, pinch grip bottles, and symmetrical bottles with in-mold labels or embossing. Our unscrambling orienting systems run containers as small as .33 oz. (10mL) and as large as 2.5 gallons (9.5L), and a single machine can run a virtually unlimited range of container geometries and sizes.

The Combo-Line series of unscrambler orienters includes four models capable of top speeds from 180 to 450 bpm with rotation capabilities of 90°, 180°, and 270°. Combo unscrambler orienters are used in dozens of industries and they are widely used in personal care, ready-to-drink beverage, bottled water, automotive, laundry, household cleaning, and container decorating product categories.

Welcome to Pace Packaging's presentation of the Omni Line M500 BA-05000, running trigger bottles at 130 bottles per minute.

Bulk bottles are conveyed to the rotating disc for introduction to the belt system. Once captured from the rotating disc, bottles are conveyed to the stand-up mechanism. Once standing in various orientations, the bottles enter the orienter for stabilization and feature sensing. Correctly facing bottles pass through, while incorrectly facing bottles are turned.

Here we can see some of the sensing and turning mechanisms in action. Correctly oriented bottles exit the orienter, ready for the next step in the filling process.

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