Omni-Line Bottle Unscrambler M400 - Running Dairy Bottles

Omni-Line M400 running 16 oz HDPE dairy bottles at 200 bpm.

The Omni-Line model M400 is shown here running 16-ounce dairy bottles at 200 bottles per minute. The unit shown is designed in a left-hand configuration. In the rotating disk, bottles are spun by centripetal force into neck-leading and base-leading positions for introduction to the infeed tooling. The rotary bumper displaces misaligned bottles back to the rotating disk. Neck-leading and base-leading bottles are captured by the infeed belt for transfer to the hook mechanism.

Neck-leading bottles are hooked into a base-leading position. Base-leading bottles push past the hook. Once standing, the bottles are stabilized for exit to the customer’s conveyor. Bottles exit the unscrambler on the customer’s conveyor, ready for the next process in the filling line.