Pharma-line Unscrambler Model 400

Building upon our vast knowledge and experience in unscrambling technologies, Pace Packaging designed a hybrid unscrambler that was based upon our popular Omni-line series, but incorporated the specific requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry - Pharma-line was born.

Pharma-line machines, with their integrated inline ionized air rinse and concurrent vacuum, are well suited for production in all pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and vitamin industries and are specially designed to handle all tablet and liquid containers: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals and jars.

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Low to Moderate speed applications
    • Pharmaceutical GMP design with Stainless Steel Construction
    • Suited for tablet and small bottle applications
    • Capable of handling rounds, cylinders, jars, ovals, squares and rectangles
    • "Tool-less" changeover is fast - usually in less than 10 minutes
    • Floor level access to all machine parts
    • Integrated ionized air rinse station and "No Change-Parts" options available

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