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Bottle Unscrambler Orientors

With over 4,500 systems in operation around the world, Pace is the recognized leader in dependable and versatile linear bottle unscrambling and orienting systems.

Pace offers the industry standard Combo-Line system as well as the new R-Line™ robotic system.

Pace systems are capable of unscrambling and orienting PET, HDPE, PP, PS, and PVC bottles including symmetrical bottles, off-center neck bottles, F-style bottles with handles, trigger spray bottles, pinch grip bottles, and symmetrical bottles with in-mold labels or embossing.

Our unscrambling orienting systems run containers as small as .33 oz.(10mL) and as large as 2.5 gallons (9.5L), and a single machine can run a virtually unlimited range of container geometries and sizes.

For more information about our Combo-Line and R-Line bottler unscrambler orientors please click on the relevant link below.